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One of the most important pieces of information that you should carry with you when caring for your vehicle is the basics of motor oil maintenance. What is motor oil used for? Well, motor oil is a lubricant utilized by nearly every part of your engine to promote the smooth movement of various components. Motor oil, like all other motor fluids, becomes less effective over time, depleting, developing grime, and hindering its lubricating properties. Fortunately, by swapping out your motor oil once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you can avoid some of the long-term damages old motor oil can cause.

That said, there is more to motor oil maintenance than just swapping it out on a regular basis. There are four different types of motor oil to be aware of: full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high-mileage oil.

Full-synthetic motor oil is a motor oil used most by performance vehicles. Full synthetic motor oil offers the most lubrication, however, is often much more expensive than alternatives. Synthetic blend is the cheaper option, offering some of the benefits of a full synthetic with a smaller price tag. Conventional motor oil is used in a vast majority of vehicles, however, once your odometer exceeds 75,000 miles its time to transition to high mileage motor oil. High mileage motor oil is used to reduce emissions and help you avoid troublesome oil leakages.

Unsure of where to begin with motor oil maintenance? Don’t worry, at Sansone Hyundai our Hyundai service team has got you covered. They’ll keep up with your regular motor oil maintenance, and ensure your car continues to run smoothly long into the future.