Are you looking to save money? Want countless options for vehicle type, features, and styling? Do you need a car that’s been around the block a few times? We have several pre-owned and certified pre-owned Hyundai models at Sansone Hyundai that can give you a great deal and help you save money.

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

When it comes to saving money and enjoying the latest features, you can’t go wrong with our pre-owned and certified pre-owned Hyundai cars. Many people prefer buying pre-owned cars because they consist of several makes, models, years, trims, mileage counts, conditions, etc. These can be real money savers if you’ve got a low budget. 

Why Buy CPO?

However, if you want something on the newer end of the spectrum with extra warranties included, consider our certified pre-owned (CPO) Hyundai cars. These models have low mileage and have passed thorough inspections by our certified Hyundai technicians. We accept only the highest quality models into our CPO program, and when you buy a CPO car, you get an extended warranty and other perks as well.

When you invest in a CPO car, you will sleep well at night knowing you not only bought a good car, but one that has a stamp of approval from the very automakers that created it. Your like-new car will last you for several years and many miles down the road. 

If you’re interested in new, CPO, or pre-owned Hyundai cars, visit us here in Avenel, NJ. Come to Sansone Hyundai today or visit our website to view our current selection.