Providing customers with the right options and a seamless experience is important to the Hyundai dealers at Sansone Hyundai. We carry the latest models for you to choose from. Once you decide on the vehicle for you, it’s time to opt for buying or leasing. Discover the differences between these purchase methods today.


There are a number of reasons that drivers can choose to lease Hyundai cars. If you find that you enjoy having the latest technology and automotive enhancements at your fingertips, this option may be for you, since a lease typically lasts just three years. At the end of your lease, you are eligible to refinance the model or lease a new car. Lower monthly payments, warranties, and saving on maintenance and repair costs are other reasons that drivers decide to lease. This option is ideal for those with shorter commutes and drivers that won’t customize their vehicle.


The primary reason drivers decide to buy is because there is an end to monthly payments once your Hyundai Elantra is paid off. Full ownership means that you’re able to do whatever you’d like with your vehicle, such as take long road trips and customize your interior and exterior. Payments may be slightly higher, and warranties end after about three years. For information on extended warranties, we invite you to talk to one of the professionals in our finance department. Downsides to this method are that it will be your responsibility to pay for repairs.

Visit Sansone Hyundai dealership for all of your automotive needs today. In addition to carrying the latest and greatest Hyundai cars, we also have a professional service department and genuine Hyundai parts. See you soon!