At Sansone Hyundai, we understand that car buying can be pretty complicated and will go above and beyond to make the process as simple as possible. Our Hyundai car dealers are skilled in customer service and will help you find the vehicle that best matches your lifestyle.

Of all the determining factors in the car buying process, safety is near the top of the list. Safety technology has transformed dramatically over the years. In the past we may have been satisfied with just airbags and seatbelts, now, things like rearview cameras are considered standard. Hyundai is at the cutting edge of this safety technology revolution and offers a wide variety of features in their family lineup.

One popular safety feature found in ourĀ Hyundai vehicles near Edison, NJ is lane keeping assist. This feature uses an array of hardware and software to detect the lane lines of the road and will adjust the wheel accordingly to keep you within your lane. As a result, the dangers of lane drift can be severely mitigated.

Driver attention warning is a standard feature found in select Hyundai models. This alerts the driver when their attention has drifted off the road. As a result, sleepy driving and distracted driving can be reduced.

Blind-spot collision warning is mostly an available option, designed to give drivers significant awareness of the road. This feature alerts drivers when another vehicle enters their blind spot, helping reduce the chances of changing lanes and colliding into another vehicle.

These are just some of the exciting new safety features you can find in a Hyundai car or SUV. Our team at Sansone Hyundai is happy to give you an in-depth review of these features and how they offer you greater peace of mind when behind the wheel.