As a leading NJ Hyundai dealership, our team at Sansone Hyundai is proud to provide our customers with more than just a generous selection of great Hyundai vehicles. We also offer up expert car care knowledge, and in our opinion, summer is the best time for expert automotive maintenance advice.

With the summer season comes hot sunny weather, long days in the pool, plenty of BBQ parties, and of course, recommended car care. What does it mean to care for your car during the summer season? Well, our team of technical experts is here to give you professional advice on how to keep your car running smoothly all season long.

For starters, you should ensure that your air conditioning is up to tackling the hot temperatures that at times can skyrocket to triple digits. While it is important to keep your engine cool, keeping you and all your passengers comfortable should take a close second.

We suggest having your cooling system serviced. Your engine already runs pretty hot, and with the added summer heat, can experience excess strain. Your cooling system is designed to keep the powertrain running at optimal temperatures, however, the system isn’t perfect and requires maintenance. Whether you need to swap out your air filters or repair your radiator, having your cooling system inspected can ensure flawless driving conditions.

Additional summer maintenance items include tire inspections and battery tests, as heat can do a number on these components.

Of course, we also recommend that drivers receive regular maintenance from a service team that they trust. At Sansone Hyundai, our Hyundai service team goes the extra mile to ensure your vehicle continues running smoothly all year round, from summer to winter, and back again.