Few Hyundai dealerships in Avenel,  NJ offer an experience quite like we do at Sansone Hyundai. We specialize in tailoring our services to match the needs and expectations of our customers, and we go the extra mile to ensure our drivers are as knowledgeable as we are.

One of the many subjects we discuss with our customers is the number of hazards that you may encounter on the road. Road hazards can range from potholes to a particularly sketchy patch of snow, and some of them can be avoided completely, thanks to awareness and clever design.

A common road hazard is poor weather, and if you’re a New Jersey native, you’re no stranger to bad weather and road conditions. Snow and rain can all contribute to a dangerous driving experience, and being aware of current road conditions make all the difference in your safety. In either condition, we caution you to slow down, increase your following distance, and avoid standing water. In snow particularly, try to drive in the tracks that the vehicles ahead of you created.

Another hazard to be cautious of when taking to the road are the other drivers. The road can be unpredictable, especially when you share it with so many others. Sometimes other drivers can even be reckless on the road, which as a result can put others at risk.

Fortunately, Hyundai has designed their vehicles to provide next-level safety features to protect drivers from the many dangers of the road. A plethora of new Hyundai cars are packed with features like blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and forward collision-avoidance assist, all of which provide drivers with greater peace of mind.

If you want to experience what it is like to sit behind the wheel of a Hyundai, our team of car experts at Sansone Hyundai is more than willing to set you up with a test drive. We are proud of what Hyundai has to offer and are happy to demonstrate why Hyundai continues to be a leading manufacturer in the industry.